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Cloud Architecture Studio is a group of architects and contractors who believe that work needs to focus on collaboration with clients, consultants and contractors to achieve progressive and successful buildings – but we never apply the same method twice. The process is intuitive and depends on the nature of the site or programme or both. We also strongly believe in a graphically balanced plan as a means to generate interesting spaces. Ideally, as architects we don’t want to be bound by a method, but prefer to explore diverse ways to approach the project, with the aim of always reconsidering spaces and uses.

The practice is engaged with contemporary cultural and design trends, digital technologies and production methods and a given nowadays – sensible environmental sustainability. We are most interested in combining light, colour and materials. The significance of light is its ability to change, giving several sets of shadows to interior spaces based on the time of day and the seasons. Colour adds an extra layer of complexity and this teamed with interesting materials and textures helps reveal the space and give different experiences.

We are also interested in the idea that a building should not reveal everything at a single glance; it’s important to preserve moments of discovery. So we try to surprise at Cloud but we do understand that building projects can be difficult. For this reason, we are committed to working alongside you every step of the way to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process. We will ask the right questions and make all stages transparent including costs. To us it’s crucial that architects share their ideas and process – it leads to a richer experience and far better buildings.

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